The Tree of Forgotten Dreams

‘Neath the tree is a plaque that reads:

“Here lies The Tree of Forgotten Dreams, deep in the sea of all that we forgot.

The tree is losing its connection to us, its song has gone quiet and its life is fading away. Please help the Ravens unravel the mysteries of the sleeping world and keep the tree alive. Each day around the festival scattered puzzle leaves will reveal how to unlock a box of memories. If you are the first to remember, you will receive a treasure that will bring back a memory to the tree. Present this treasure to the Ravens each night at the appointed hour to recall the song and bring the Tree of Forgotten Dreams back to life.”

In the lead up to the festival the tree tried to communicate to the festival, but the staff couldn’t unravel the mysterious messages. They posted them up on their Facebook page and many people tried to solve these strange conundrums.

During the festival there were puzzles spread throughout the site. As puzzles were solved and objects returned parts of a song began to sound from the tree. The story was changed by the people who solved the puzzles and returned the objects.