The Farce Awakens

Folly Games present THE FARCE AWAKENS Museum of Brisbane will be transformed into an interactive game world when Folly Games present… THE FARCE AWAKENS from the 12 to 20 May as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival 2017.

Full of parody, pop culture and puns, THE FARCE AWAKENS is a performance where audiences explore the Museum as the drama unfolds around them. The more adventurous of heart can be active participants, solving puzzles and completing challenges to aid the characters and affect the outcome of the story.

For the last six years, Folly Games has been presenting Woodfordia: The Game at the Woodford Folk Festival. A six-day theatrical game with over 6000 players, the game world has become rich with history, lore and absurdity. In 2017, Folly Games is coming to Brisbane with a brand new 90-minute theatre experience. “This is an interactive performance full of fantasy and science fiction tropes, and is a great experience for people who loved the game at Woodford Folk Festival or anyone with an inner geek.” Tim Monley, Executive Producer and founder of Folly Games.

“Anywhere Theatre Festival is known as a different sort of festival as it invites independent artists to perform anywhere but a theatre. However, we are particularly excited to be partnering with Museum of Brisbane as the whole performance is like an exhibition come to life. Integrating their landmark exhibition 100% Brisbane into the performance, THE FARCE AWAKENS will take over the entire Museum for the evening.”

Tim Monley.

“Museum of Brisbane is thrilled to be supporting the Anywhere Theatre Festival and hosting interactive performances by Folly Games in May. Audience engagement is at the heart of Museum of Brisbane and the ethos of Folly Games to present theatrical works that promote interactivity and multiple endings is a great fit for us. We are looking forward to working with Folly Games to activate our Museum spaces in new and interesting ways.”

Renai Grace, Director, Museum of Brisbane

Sometimes the joy of the theatre can be lost when it is in a stuffy black box or it is all too serious. In THE FARCE AWAKENS, audiences will discover a world full absurd characters, beautiful costumes and playfulness. If you like how Star Wars makes you feel like a big kid and the silliness of Monty Python, then you are going to love THE FARCE AWAKENS!