Tim Monley

Playfulness Everywhere

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I am a freelance arts producer. I specialise in interactive and immersive projects. I mix games and theatre, puzzles and performance, art and entertainment. I design and build sets and installations for festival environments.
I am also a performer, actor, clown, and DJ.

My mission is playfulness, everywhere.

Gary is an every day bloke from South East Queensland. He is not enlightened, but his nostrils are.

A mix of funk, electro, disco and retro pop. A DJ more about having fun, than being cool.

Award winning immersive theatre performance presented at the Museum of Brisbane

Installations and fire performance for community oriented celebrations

A 14m long cycling cloud that rains on passing crowds at the Woodford Folk Festival.

Six characters cycle and surround the cloud, they are elemental Gods of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Wood and Metal. They have decided enough is enough and have returned to rescue the planet from climate change, one cooling cloud at a time.